Is Love Real?

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Is love real? I think I spent too much time pondering this topic. That idea of true love, romance, finding your soulmate, that you are not alone had me mesmerized when I was younger. I thought that was the goal in life to find your significant other. I don’t believe that anymore. 

Do we each have soulmates or can two people share a bond that seems to transcend everything else? Sure that is possible, but I don’t think it necessarily will last nor should it be one’s primary focus in life. 

It’s a nice thought, to be able to share a bond with someone that is unique and like no other. If you believe in reincarnation, it is nice to think that you would see that person again, that they would follow you in whatever world you are reborn in and still love you, care about you , and just long to see you again even just for a moment. Personally, I love romanticizing that idea of endless love, if that is a fitting name for it. It is a nice idea compared to a more nihilistic idea that you are born alone and you die alone. 

Is love real? I think it is, just not as it is portrayed in the mainstream. Love of oneself, loving people as yourself, and having a genuine love of just being alive is what true love is all about, I think. The mainstream romantic view of true love I just don’t believe in anymore. I don’t think it is real, and call me crazy, but this modern age we are living in is only making that point more clear. Even in the past, there are many works and quotes that seem to hint it was never real, like the voices of the past knew how the world worked. They may not have understood how gravity worked, or they believed the earth was the center of the universe, but they knew a bit about what love was.

You know that Gun’s n Roses song “Welcome to the Jungle”, well that is what the world is, the jungle. That doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice our virtues or not live by a code of honor, but at the same time never let your guard down, and be wary when someone says they love you. They may be harboring feelings of jealousy or hate. That is actually one of Robert Greene’s Laws of Power, something like being careful of friends. 

Is anything in this article true? I have no idea. It is just what I have observed in my time in this world. Definitely feel free to leave a comment. I may edit this one only because I feel it is such a powerful one. Love yourself and love being alive. Finding a purpose, goals, love of oneself, inner peace, and just enjoying the moment are great things to go after in life. A romantic partner, a soulmate, whatever you want to call it is just a cherry on top, icing on the cake, not necessary but nice if it is there. 

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