Welcome to my blog!

Hi! I am Ren Ashbell

Why do you need a story? I am just a younger millennial trying to make sense of the world. I came into this world in 1994, so that puts me on the border of genz, which is why I call myself a younger millennial. There is this belief that life becomes more dull, boring, and mundane the older you get. Although the vibrancy of youth fades a bi, because everything is not as new, that sense of wonder hasn’t left, and life almost feels more enjoyable, more fun, more interesting

That is what this blog is about, just me sharing some experiences that I enjoy.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I afford to travel so often?

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2. How Do You Get Your House Sitting Stays?

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3. Have you ever been in danger?

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4. Did you buy an around the world ticket?

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